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Nema Foundation

Nema Foundation was established by the owners of Guludo Beach Lodge to work in the areas around the lodge to achieve their charitable goals.

Nema currently works with 16 communities around Guludo, approximately 24,000 people. Some of Nema's current activities and achievements thus far include;

- Feeding 800 children one nutritious school meal every day

- Providing clean water for over 20,000 people from 47 water points.

- Providing over 9,000 mosquito nets to mothers of young children.

- Currently fund 127 Secondary School Scholars.  

Nema Foundation is UK registered charity (no. 1113131) which uses a holistic approach in enabling communities to tackle all aspects that keep them locked into poverty. Nema works in 5 main areas; health, water, education, enterprise and environment.

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Imagine seeing the glow on your child’s face as they enjoy the feeling of a full belly. 
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Before Nema started work, less than 1% of children went on to study at secondary school and less than 20% completed all 7 years at primary school.


In the Guludo area average life expectancy is 38 years old and 30% of children do not survive to their 5th birthday.
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How to Help

Nema has achieved a phenomenal amount in a relatively short time which is entirely down to the support we have received from past guests, friends and family.
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Nema uses the following strategies in its planning and implementation of projects aims to