Operational DAta Overview

Averages (US$)
Fully Operational
Tick Over
Costs$200 - $375k$160k - $180k$120k
Revenue$300k - $550k$100k - 250k-
ADR$415 - $520$375 - $420-
Occupancy42% - 54%11 - 31%-
Notes9 Bandas,
Dive Centre Open,
Some Marketting
6 Bandas,
No Dive Centre,
No Marketting
Costs When
Fully Operational: Throughout this period Guludo was fully operational with the exception of a few short closures when early tented accommodation was replaced with the current "Eco-Bandas". Marketing spend was minimal and Amy was extremely hands on, spending much of the year on site overseeing management & operations. 
Tick Over: During the last couple of years, due to the owners personal circustance, we have had longer periods of closures (including 6 months in 2016 due to Amy being unwell while pregnant). The dive centre has also been closed since 2014, along with three accommodation units which are scheduled for upgrade. There has been no marketing spend during this period. 
Closed: A guide to how much the base costs are while Guludo is closed.