Beach Tomato's Beach of the Week

This week Guludo is Beach Tomato's international Beach of the Week. Here's what they had to say...

Each week we bring you one of the best beaches in the world as our beach of the week. This week's best beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Mozambique.

BEACH: Guludo Beach

WHERE: Northern Mozambique, Quirimbas National Park

WHY: 12 kilometres of palm-fringed, white-powdery, deserted private beaches, pristine and un-touched coral reefs, superb scuba diving, sunset dhow sailings (the traditional Arab sailing vessel), a unique opportunity to see elephants during in the day in the National Park, as well as a glimpse into real African life – this could just be paradise.

HOW: Guludo is situated 80km north of Pemba as the crow flies – which is also where the nearest international airport is. There are daily internal flights from Maputo, Mozambique's capital. A long drive along bumpy roads from Pemba awaits you, but once you arrive it makes it all that more special.

H2O TONE: Topaz blue

SAND TONE: Creamy white truffles

STAY: Guludo Beach Lodge offering nine bandas (bungalows) spread out along the empty white beach – each with panoramic views, palm-thatched roofs and alfresco marbled bathrooms, is the perfect tonic for a relaxing getaway. However, workaholics listen up – at Guludo, there is no electricity, though a generator is operated a few hours a day. So no televisions, laptops or mobile phones – bliss, non?

WHEN: Northern Mozambique offers a tropical climate all-year round with two seasons: the dry season from April to late December and the green season from late December to March. Though the good news is, it's idyllic to visit all year round.

By Daniela Marchesi