A Special Trip to Rolas Island

Over the years we've affectionately got to know one particular pod of bottlenose dolphins. There are normally between a 12-18 in the group and we first got to know them in 2007 when they seemed to be waiting for every time we went past Rolas or Matemo islands. They come and go but it is easy to spot them as a particularly bold one has what looks like a bite out of his (or her!) dorsal fin!

Locally they call them the "police of the sea" and just like in so many other cultures, there seem to be many legends about dolphins saving lost fishermen's lives. So, it's not only our guests that get giddy at the sight of these friendly dolphins, but our local crew too.

One lucky group of guests had an amazing encounter with this pod who stayed around for almost half an hour, curiously checking them out even with a couple of babies in toe!