Guludo wins Tourism for Tomorrow Award

Who would have thought that Guludo would lead us to the tourism world stage... in Las Vegas. Guludo's co-founder, Amy, says,

Our dream was to demonstrate the profound potential tourism has to relieve poverty and address world issues. Receiving this esteemed, international award is not just a deep honour but helps to realise this dream and inspire the rest of the industry.

The announcement was made during a special welcome dinner that took place at the opening ceremony of the Global Travel & Tourism Summit in Las Vegas on 17 May, organised by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

Costas Christ, Chairman of Judges, WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, commented,

We are entering a new era where sustainable tourism principles and practices are no longer represented by a handful of well-meaning companies. Instead, sustainability itself has emerged as an indicator of tourism quality, alongside traditional quality standards such as excellent guest services. Sustainable tourism is here to stay, and it continues to demonstrate new levels of accomplishment each year.