"Poverty Champion" - The Metro, April 2010

Guludo Beach Lodge was again featured in The Metro, London, in April 2010, after winning last year's Responsible Tourism Award in the category of Best for Poverty Relieve. Here's what the Metro had to say...

"In 2002, when Amy Carter- James (pictured) was just 22, she decided she wanted to use tourism to support a community in desperate need of help. So she headed to Mozambique with her boyfriend Neal to set up Guludo Beach Lodge, a camp that sleeps 22 people sat in 12km of white sand. ‘Mozambique was the perfect emerging destination. It had lots of potential and was also in the middle of extreme poverty,’ she says. ‘We took a translator with us and talked to the local community. Their only question was: “When can you start?”.’

"Five per cent of the couple’s income goes to their charity, Nema, which is responsible for changing the lives of the 15,000-strong community. Some highlights include setting up a school feeding programme and showing the villages how to set up their own farms. ‘Being around such poverty is heart- wrenching and it’s been a real roller coaster of emotions,’ says Carter-James. ‘I’ve seen people die and whole villages sing and dance when they get clean water. So many places claim to be green and they’re not, so winning the award gave us recognition that we’re doing the right thing. It was so fulfilling.’"