PRESS: Guludo, The Beach of Reconciliation

This month Guludo featured on the front cover of LAM's (Mozambique's national airline) inflight magazine, Indico, hailing it as one of the best beaches in Africa with very special powers... !

It is an 8 page spread with a lovely article about the very special power of Guludo's beach to bring love, romance and reconciliation to all that visit it. 

Those who have never married, and think that they never will, do not know Guludo. This is the beach where the undecided put a full stop to their hesitations. 
This place needs to emerge from its anonymity. The rarity of this beauty deserves different treatment. We ourselves need to take care of the sanctuaries that nature offers us on a plate, but which we forget with the greatest of ease. Guludo waits serenely for all Mozambicans who seek to live in reconciliation with each other and with the world. 


Article by Jorge Ferrao