Stand Up Paddle arrives in Guludo, Mozambique

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board brand, Origin Paddleboards, and Guludo share DNA. It's a story best told at the bar in Guludo, but in short, we now offer Stand Up Paddle boarding on boards who's origin lies on the shores of Mozambique with Guludo's sand between the founders' toes... 

In 2005, as we were preparing to open Guludo, our very good friend, Neil, joined the team. Sometimes working with friends is difficult, but not with Neil.

So, in 2012 when he asked our Neal (Guludo's under-the-radar-co-founder) if he could help with his Inflatable SUP business, Neal couldn't resist. Neil was the European distributor for a leading SUP brand but struggled with the delays and poor quality of the paddle boards coming from China.

Within a year they'd decided to turn the SUP industry on it's head and create a superior paddle board with social and environmental integrity at it's heart.  So, Origin Paddleboards was born.

They partnered with world leading "lighter than air" world specialists who produce their boards in the UK.

Now, without a shadow of a doubt, the have the most technically advanced, most rigid and lightest Stand Up Paddle Boards in the world. 

Plus, for every board they sell they earmark a donation to Nema to help provide a child with clean water in the Guludo area.