"Matafome" Arrives!

"Matafome" translates as "kill the hunger" and this is what the children chanted the very first day we (Nema Foundation) started the school meals project in Guludo school. The name stuck and now the project is affectionately called Matafome and reaches almost 1,000 children in our area, every school day. 

Food security here is better than when we arrived, but still extremely poor. This means many parents still prioritise children to help with subsistence living over going to school.

We believe wholeheartedly that sustainable development must begin and end with education and we have found that providing "matafome" is the single most effective way of keeping a generation of primary-school-aged children in school. 

Keeping this project going has not been easy; both in finding the funding and the logistics of getting nutritious food to the schools. Lisa, Nema's "Directora", tells the full story on Nema's blog; a very interesting read for those interested in development!