Guludo Wins Conde Nast Traveler World Savers Award

A night to celebrate and inspire; Conde Nast Traveler acknowledge global "Visionaries" and "World Savers." Amy's thoughts on a very special and star-studded evening...

On the 18th September, in New York, Okello Sam, a former child soldier from Uganda, sang "it's alright to cry" while we saw images of children he'd rescued laugh, study and play. Like most in the audience, I completely forgot about the host of celebrities and a tear tumbled down my cheek, so moved by his work.

He was one of 12 Visionaries celebrated at Conde Nast Traveler's prestigious event and where I was incredibly honoured to share the stage with them to collect a World Savers Award on behalf of Guludo. For the third year in a row Guludo was chosen as the Best Small Hotel "Doing it All" as well as the best in Health Initiatives. Although bursting with pride, I couldn't help but wish I was with some of the team from Mozambique to share in the celebration and be inspired by these Visionaries and their work around the globe.

Susan Sarandon and former child sex slave Somaly Mam also made many hearts skip a beat. They described children, not yet in their teens, being sold into the sex industry, becoming victims of unimaginable abuse and then rescued by Somaly Mam and lovingly cared for and supported to become strong, independent women.

Hilary Clinton (who was understandably rather distracted with current affairs and couldn't attend) sent a video reminding us how important travel is for peace, understanding and unity; aligned perfectly with CNT's philosophy of Truth in Travel. 

CNT - Thank you again for your continued support of Guludo and for an incredibly inspiring evening.

The Visionaries included...

Mike Bloomberg - New York City Mayor, for helping cities become more carbon efficient, 

Susan Sarandon & Somaly Mam - Actress and former child sex slave, for their work helping other recovering sex slaves.

Ai Weiwei - Artist and activist, for boldly speaking out against and enduring China’s authoritarian brutality, 

Richard Branson - Entrepreneur, for making business a force for good,

Hilary Clinton - Secretary of State, USA, for tireless working for peace and unity,

Olivia Wilde - Actress, for her work in Haiti (pictured with legendary Jeffery Sachs), 

Christy Turlington Burns - Super model, for reducing maternal deaths, 

Gary White - From,  for making water more accessible through micro loans, 

Okello Sam - former child soldier, for his school in Uganda, 

Nic Kristof  - New York Times columnist, for making gender equality a global priority, 

Jochen Zeitz - Puma CEO, for convincing companies to pay for their impact on nature.


Bid on artwork by Ai Weiwei, Olivia Wilde, and other Celebrities in the Visionaries Auction.



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Conde Nast Traveller present Guludo with 3 World Savers Awards

Conde Nast Traveller present Guludo with 3 World Savers Awards

At the World Savers Congress in Singapore, Conde Nast Traveler gave Guludo a staggering 3 awards. This is the first and only time they have given 3 awards to one property and founders Neal and Amy, were deeply honoured to accept the award on behalf of the Guludo and Nema team in Mozambique. Here's what they had to say about us...

Guludo wins Tourism for Tomorrow Award

Guludo wins Tourism for Tomorrow Award

Who would have thought that Guludo would lead us to the tourism world stage... in Las Vegas. Guludo's co-founder, Amy, says,

Our dream was to demonstrate the profound potential tourism has to relieve poverty and address world issues. Receiving this esteemed, international award is not just a deep honour but helps to realise this dream and inspire the rest of the industry.

Nema Collects Angel Award at Star-Studded Concert

Over the last 5 years we've been working closely with Global Angels who support Nema's work in our local communities. Like it's founder, Molly Bedingfield, the charity oozes integrity and has provided a lifeline to vulnerable communities around the globe.

On Friday, Global Angels had their inaugural "Angel Awards" followed by "Angels in Concert". Guludo and Nema's co-founder, Amy, was there and collected a stunning Swarovski award for Best Charity Partner on behalf of Nema - a very deep honour.

After the Awards was an auction and the final, star item was a trip to Guludo and Kenya with Molly to come and see some of Nema's projects. The prize was so popular it was sold twice, raising £13,000 for Global Angels. We simply can't wait to welcome Molly and her (4!) guests to Guludo next year!

The concert was simply spectacular. Natasha Bedingfield (Molly's daughter) brought along some of her friends; Leona Lewis, Joss Stone & John Forte (from the legendary Fugees) and together with her big brother (Daniel!) put on a show that showcased some of the best of British & American talent out there. The perfect celebration for a phenomenal charity.

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