Guludo is perfectly positioned in the Quirimbas National Park, Northern Mozambique, to dive some of the best coral reefs in the world, whether an experienced diver or absolute beginner.

Be among the first to discover these pristine reefs...

Opposite Guludo's calm bay is the Quirimbas Archipelago's fringing reef with breath-taking coral diversity as well as copious schools of game fish, turtles, sharks and, from July to October, humpback whales.

With vast diving diversity Guludo offers a range of diving from sheltered tranquil coral gardens to drop-offs with strong currents.

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Learn to Dive at Guludo
Guludo Beach Lodge is a fully accredited PADI Dive Resort with a resident dive instructor. We offer a range of courses including a half day Discover Scuba Course, full PADI Open Water Course (qualifying you to dive anywhere in the world) and PADI Advanced Open Water which enables existing divers to develop their skills further. Click here to learn more about our dive courses. 

Currently we dive in four distinct regions:

1. Rolas Island 
Surrounding Rolas’ southern sandy peninsular and westward rocky outcrops are shallow coral gardens with beautiful sting rays, abundant reef fish and curious turtles. Rolas is perfect for beginners, underwater photographers and divers interested in macro fauna. Beds of staghorn hide lion fish, moray eels and elusive pipe fish; large coral bommies host an amazing variety of reef fish and nudibranches; camouflaged amongst patch reef and sandy bottoms crocodile fish and kuhls stingray abound; and green & hawksbill turtles are commonly sighted coming up for air.

2. Matemo Channel 
The diving around Matemo has gentle slopes and small ridges and is also home to the famous dive site ‘Rush Hour’, so named for schools of large game fish that hang out over the reef. Game fish, including Yellowtail barracuda, jacks, king fish and Spanish mackerel are commonly sighted schooling above large sand patches; themselves home to ‘fields’ of garden eels, whilst white tip sharks, tuna, napoleon wrasse and schooling triggerfish frequent the abundantly covered coral slopes.

3. Zala Bank 
Zala is a vast underwater sand bank, due east of Guludo, home to dramatic topography with sheer drop offs disappearing into oblivion. Every inch of Zala is covered in pristine coral, hard and soft, rivalling anywhere in the world. Huge gorgonian corals fan out from the wall at 30m whilst white tip and grey reef sharks are amongst the visitors from the deep blue beyond. The shallower coral is teaming with reef fish and also home to several types of turtle, the majestic Spanish dancer and yet more reef sharks.

4. Ibo Island 
Ibo Island, 25km south of Guludo, hosts a spectacular dive site large enough for several dives. The site boasts an incredible abundance and diversity of reef fish and large schools of batfish, big eye trevally, fusiliers, snappers, surgeon fish and Spanish mackerel are often seen. A small wall from 5 to 18 meters is littered with overhangs and home to macro fauna while beneath, the sloping sandy bottom is frequented by reef sharks and rays.