This is a working policy which changes and evolves as the lodge matures and learns more about the surrounding area.  The aims of the policy are;

1. Adhere to Mozambique's environmental legislation 

2. Continuously improve our environmental performance

3. Reduce pollution, emissions, non-renewable energy use

4. Minimise and manage waste responsibly

5. Recycle materials where possible

6. Use water and energy efficiently

7. Minimise the use of harmful chemicals and toxic products

8. Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental issues

9. Liaise with the local community on environmental issues

10. Purchase products selectively with emphasis on reduced packaging, sourcing from renewable and sustainable sources and of low environmental impact

11. Participate in discussions about environmental issues and inform guests of our environmental policies and provide information on environmental issues

12. Protect and conserve the natural environment and wildlife in and around Guludo Beach Lodge