Family Holidays at Guludo

an opportunity for children to see & experience life in mozambique

The team at Guludo are all excellent with children and thoroughly enjoy having families to stay; always going the extra mile to help take the pressure off parents as well as entertaining the children. There are several complementary services we can provide to help families, including a daily laundry and a baby sitting service during the day or evening.

Family Accommodation

Guludo is a great place for family holidays to escape today's hectic life while getting back to nature and enjoying some quality family time in tropical Mozambique.

Guludo's long, safe, gently sloping beach is the perfect playground for children of all ages. There is plenty to keep a family busy, with most families staying 1 to 2 weeks and endless opportunities for children to interact with other local children and gain an insight into local life.

Our Banda Suites have been designed with families in mind...

...enabling parents to keep their children close but in a separate living space. The Banda Suite comprises of two adjoining buildings, one side being a lounge and areas for the children to sleep safely under mosquito nets and the other side a large bedroom for the parents with an extravagant king-sized bed. Cots are also available on request and can be placed within the same mosquito net as the parents or under an individual net.


With plenty to keep the children entertained, most families stay with us for at least one week. All activities are child friendly, here are some more specific details...

Island Trips and Snorkelling

With our children's life jackets and snorkelling equipment visiting neighbouring islands and snorkelling is both safe and a wonderful family activity. If needed we can give snorkelling tuition to parents and children.


Hours can be whiled away playing with mud! Our resident potters will show the children (and adults) how to make a traditional pot and from there, anything goes! After a day's drying in the sun the artwork can be fired in the village ready to be taken home as a souvenir!

Craft Workshops

The Milala (palm-weaving) group will come to the lodge to teach you how to make simple woven rings and bracelets. It is surprisingly addictive and therapeutic for all family members and creates slightly lighter souvenirs to take home!


Available at any time on the beach is traditional archery. These use real bows and arrows and the waiters need little prompting to show off their prowess, teach guests how to fire an arrow while supervising the activity.

Visiting Guludo Village & Football Games

This is often the highlight of a stay at Guludo, both for children and adults alike. Children can visit Guludo's old school and new school, while teenagers especially, often enjoy seeing some of our charity's projects including helping dish up food for the school feeding project and making local crafts with the craft groups. Whenever boys, girls (or dads) are interested, we can organise either school or adult friendly football games; a wonderful way for children to break through the cultural and linguistic barriers, to have fun with Guludo girls and boys of the same age.

Babysitting while parents are busy on activities

If parents would like to scuba dive or do other activities without their children we can easily organise one of our resident "mother hens" to baby-sit. This can also be arrange during the evening time.

We do understand that planning for a family holiday can be difficult at the best of times so please don't hesitate in contacting us to assist you throughout the process.