Stunning Beautiful 

My husband & I stayed at Guludo Beach Lodge for 7 nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was like stepping back in time, to a romantic, innocent, unspoiled era in nature & history. It was the most wonderful, unique vacation we've ever had & I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something different. Every member of the staff, inspired & directed by the outstanding managers Marta & Tiago went above & beyond to make our stay special. One of our favorite features was no electricity at the lodge making it all that more romantic, lit at night by lanterns with no outside distractions. There is nothing more romantic than hearing waves at night under moonlight, stars & lanterns, as you sleep in a beautiful room on the beach. The food was excellent, again we were always asked about special needs. We visited picturesque Ibo Island with its antiquated Portuguese architecture... swam in pristine Rolas Island & enjoyed the sunset sail. Definitely think outside the box and experience a once in a lifetime adventure at Guludo Beach Lodge.

Suzanne Mooeny – June 2016

Great Concept, Excellent Staff  

When visiting Guludo, you must expect a very helpful and genuine Staff. Congratulations to Marta and Tiago for the excellent efforts in management. The place has a concept that most likely will not apply to everyone: an eco-friendly lodge that uses the resources they have. yes it is a bit expensive, but it is in a remote and beautiful area. The activities were very fun and for sure I recommend it to all people that desire to clear the stress out, specially to the ones that can leave without their cellphones or laptop for a few days. The beach was clean and the algae will not bring any negative impact to the area. Wish all the the best for the team and thank you for the excellent stay. 

António Alverca – July 2016




Out of This world 

I stayed at Guludo in September 2015. It was the most amazing, wonderful place. Heartening to know that pristine, beautiful, peaceful places still exist in this world. Mart and Tiago, the managers, were so friendly and helpful. The local staff were amazing - so warm and friendly. I would recommend seeing this place at least once in your life. It is exquisite and worth the travel time.”

Mignonne Rawson – September 2015

Experience responsible tourism 

To run a beach lodge in remote area no doubt its a challenge, for motive to help local community instead of motive to get money no doubt its out of idea, mainly where the country's tourism industry is not friendly, I salute to the Nema Team to dare and taking care of that particular zone the Guludo village. If you love Eco-tourism this is the place to visit, If you want to learn responsible tourism practices; this is the place to visit, If you believe in sustainable traveling this is the place to visit. If you love starlight romantic evening this is the place. If you want isolate yourself from your hectic routine world this is the place to rest peacefully. If you enjoy the company of baboons this is the place to visit. If you tiring to listen your ringing cell phone this is the place to enjoy. Lovely place far away from hi-tech urban world.

Irfan Queresh – Agosto 2015

The most wonderful venue for our wedding 

We hired out the lodge exclusively for the week of our wedding ceremony. Owner, Amy, and on-site managers, Marta and Tiago, went out of their way to make sure we had the wedding we had been dreaming of. The beach was the perfect location for our relaxed ceremony. Two of the staff members, Amisse and Angela, conducted the ceremony for us, and the help of others in handing out wedding favours, hanging up fairy lights, making our arch etc (all the set-up stuff that can make a wedding a bit stressful!) was hugely appreciated and always done with a smile. We were served the most delicious banquet for our wedding meal (lobster, chicken,and a variety of veg dishes, complete with homemade wedding cake). All the food during our stay was delicious and it's lovely waking up to freshly baked bread every morning. They catered fantastically for dietary requirements and special requests. Marta arranged for a local band to provide the music during the ceremony and for our evening party - they were fantastic! We heard them play during our previous visit and I really recommend asking whether this could be arranged if you enjoy African music and dancing - we all had a great time dancing the night away!

Clearly, we love Guludo and what they're trying (very successfully) to achieve, otherwise we wouldn't have held our wedding here. The lodge has been constructed and is run in such a way that is mindful of both the local community and the environment. The bandas (individual rooms spread along the beach) are beautifully designed, stay cool at night and all beds have a mosquito net. The restaurant and bar areas are welcoming and comfortable, and have been decorated with cushion covers made by the on-site tailor, who will happily make clothes/bags etc for guests. The waterless toilets are clean and odourless, we had hot showers every day, and plenty of water with which to brush our teeth and wash. During night hours, solar powered lights and lamps provide all the light you need. Not having electricity is a welcome break from today's fast-paced world where you just can't escape the internet (but, if you really need a phone/camera/laptop charging, they are happy to in the office when the generator is switched on).

What really makes Guludo special though and sets it apart from other lodges in Mozambique and neighbouring countries is the staff. I can’t say nice enough things about them - they’re all so welcoming, friendly and helpful and you leave Guludo feeling like you’ve built relationships, not just had a bit of small-talk with people you'll forget as soon as you get home. I hope they don’t lose their charm - it’s a fine balance to strike between top quality service and the endearing nature that comes with no formal training, but they have achieved it perfectly! 

Joss Hooren – October 2015