Guludo Village & Culture

Guludo Beach Lodge is 2km from Guludo Village and
is very much part of the community. 

The surrounding area is very culturally rich.  Most people in the National Park still practice subsistence living with the main source of income being fishing.  Most people are practicing Muslims and women are socially very strong-willed.  Very little English is spoken in our area but everyone does speak Portuguese.  Most people however, deal in the local language of Ki-Mwani.

We can provide a visit to the local village of Guludo with the purpose to interact and gain a deeper understanding of our host community and culture while providing an opportunity for local artisans and entrepreneurs to sell their products.  Our employees and local friends ensure local customs are protected and all sacred sites and mosques are avoided altogether.  We will give you a more detailed introduction to culture in our area when you arrive however, some basic practices to be conscious of are:

Greetings and

People in our area tend to greet with 2 hands up, palms outwards.  Outsiders speculate this to be a greeting left over from wartime to show that they had no weapons however, it is now simply a friendly greeting displayed by all.  Guests do not have to greet in this way, but will be savvy if they do!  When giving or receiving anything from a local person, please avoid giving or receiving with your left hand, including handshakes.


Children in the village absolutely love having their photo taken and if you feel comfortable, by all means oblige them.  Many adults do not mind having their photo taken, but please ask beforehand.

Dress outside the lodge: 

Out of courtesy, both mean and women leaving the lodge should have their shoulders, bodies, and upper legs covered.

Giving to members of the community: 

Please refrain from giving any gifts to individuals, be it small children or fishermen as we do not want to create a culture of begging. If you do want to give gifts to the village, please talk to the management and we will ensure your gift is distributed responsibly.

Tips at the lodge:

If you’d like to leave a tip for our staff we encourage you to do so at the end of your stay.  We then divide the tip up among all Guludo service staff. Please give any tip for senior managers directly to them.