Located on the south-eastern coast of Africa, Mozambique boasts incredibly diverse and scenic landscapes.

Over a period of 27 years, Mozambique has moved from being a Portuguese colony, to a Marxist-Leninist state, through 17 years of civil war to an independent democracy in 1992. Today, with a population of 19.2 million, Mozambique is one of Africa’s brightest hopes and one of its few success stories.

A virtually undiscovered, tropical paradise with stunning natural attractions, and all the intrinsic characteristics of an incredible holiday destination.

It combines 2,400km of coastline, replete with idyllic palm-lined beaches, tropical islands, crumbling forts, delicious seafood and world class diving that is virtually unrivalled with unspoilt bush, unique wildlife and an enchanting history and culture.

one of the world’s best-kept secrets; 
the undiscovered pearl of Africa.