Alongside Guludo we set up a charity, Nema, which runs projects in our surrounding 16 villages (24,000 people) which guests can visit or help with. To get daily updates on these projects please follow Nema on facebook andtwitter.

School Meals
We currently provide school meals for over 800 children, dramatically increasing school attendance. To the delight of the volunteer mums, guests can help cook and serve food at one of the schools. See more health andeducation projects.

Orphaned & Vulnerable Children
We support 151 children, and their extended family, and will soon be expanding. If guests are able to bring anything for the children they can give them directly to some of these children.

HIV Football & Drama
Guests can spectate or join in on our Football HIV project and HIV Drama performances.

Building Clinics
We have ongoing Health Clinics construction projects and guests are extremely welcome to get their hands dirty and work shoulder to shoulder with local craftsmen and labourers. So far we have built one Clinic and at least another 2 are in the pipeline!