Rolas Island

An enchanted tropical island;
nestled inside a marine sanctuary,
home to age-old legends...

Rolas Island is our most popular activity and it’s not hard to see why. Just a short sail from Guludo, this tiny island owned by the Guludo community, is surrounded by crystal clear waters with breath-taking reefs to snorkel and a stunning white sandy peninsular.

Local legend says the island is owned by the sacred, resident coconut crabs, the largest crabs in the world, who dictate the weather and the fate of anyone who dares upset them.  

During your visit to Rolas you will meet some of the Guludo fishermen who use the island as temporary base and, if you dare, go with “old man coconut crab” into the Rolas Island  Coral Rock Forest to see some of the infamous crabs for yourself. In the middle of the island you’ll find a simple shade with a spectacular, panoramic view, perfect for whale spotting (July to September) and spotting the two resident fish eagles.