1. This document describes the terms and conditions under which Bespoke Experience Limited (referred to as Bespoke) will provide you with accommodation at Guludo Beach Lodge and access to its activities. By making a payment you will be accepting these Terms and Conditions for yourself and on behalf of all members of your group.

2. Air travel: Bespoke is not responsible in any way for your travel to the country in which your holiday will take place. Bespoke's responsibilities commence when our representative meets you at the meeting point, the location from which you will be transported to Guludo Beach Lodge.

3. Insurance: You are responsible for taking out comprehensive travel and medical insurance (including dive cover if required) to cover all members of your party for the duration of your holiday. This should include insurance to pay for your holiday if for any reason you or a member of your group does not arrive at the Meeting Point, and also to cover any cancellation fees and losses of money or property during your holiday.

4. Bookings: Details of Bespoke holidays and prices can be found on the internet at (Although every effort will be made to guarantee the price stated in the booking form, prices may be subject to change, especially in the event of alteration in currency exchange or if the holiday is booked more than 12 months in advance.) If you have any doubts about the suitability of your chosen holiday, you should email or phone Bespoke to discuss it. Booking and paying for your holiday is done in three stages:

A Provisional Reservation: You may make a Provisional Reservation via the web site, via email or over the phone. Once Bespoke has accepted your reservation, Bespoke will hold this reservation for you for three days or for such other period agreed with you in writing. At the end of this period the reservation will be cancelled unless the deposit has been paid.

Paying the deposit and Getting a Firm Booking: A contract between you and Bespoke (incorporating these Terms and Conditions) exists when Bespoke receives and accepts your deposit of 25% of the total price due for all the members of your party within the specified provisional reservation period. Within 14 days of receipt of your deposit we will send to you confirmation of your firm booking and a receipt for your deposit and an invoice for the outstanding balance and when it is due. We will also send to you details of your holiday: you should check these carefully. When you send your deposit you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions. Please note that the deposit is not refundable.
When you book your holiday less than 60 days before your holiday start date, you must pay the full amount to secure your booking.

Paying the Balance Due: The balance of your holiday cost must be paid 60 days before you are due to start your holiday. If you fail to make this payment, Bespoke has the right to cancel your booking.

Cancellation: Cancellations must be made in writing and received by us before the departure date. If you have to cancel your holiday after paying for it, the amount refunded to you depends upon the cancellation date:

More than 60 days before arrival 25% cancellation charge (i.e. total deposit)

60 days or less before arrival 50% cancellation charge

30 days or less before arrival 100% cancellation charge

5. A request for any special requirements must be made in writing (preferably by e-mail) and when we are able to offer the requested service, we will confirm this in writing. We cannot always guarantee special requirements, and without such written confirmation Bespoke has no obligation to fulfil your request. If you wish to amend the booking after the contract is formed, we will try to meet your request, but will be under no obligation to do so.

6. Guests under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a person over the age of 18 years.

7. Refunds and Compensation: In common with most other resort managers, we are not able to pay compensation where services cannot be provided, and the limit of our liability in all cases is the cost of your holiday. Where we are unable to provide services, which have been paid for either because they are inclusive within the price paid or because they have been paid for in addition to the holiday price, an appropriate refund will be made. Bespoke limit the amount for any claim of whatever kind that does not involve personal injury, illness or death to a maximum of the price paid by or on behalf of the persons affected.

8. Holiday cancellation by Bespoke: A full refund will be paid to you if for any reason it is necessary for Bespoke to cancel your holiday and Bespoke is unable to offer an acceptable alternative.

9. Accuracy of Web Site and Brochure Details: It is possible that some facilities may not be available due to weather or other local problems. Where we know about this in advance we will do our best to inform you before you arrive. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information we provide, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions and reserve the right to vary, amend or cancel any of the arrangements featured, should we find such alterations necessary. As we always have your safety in mind, we and our staff are to have complete discretion to vary or cancel diving/sports programmes according to weather conditions and the experience of group members.

10. Claims against Bespoke: Bespoke and its suppliers' obligations to you are to provide you with services and facilities with reasonable skill and care. It is your responsibility to show that reasonable skill and care have not been used if you decide to make a claim against Bespoke.
Bespoke will not be responsible for claims for illness, death, injury or loss resulting from;

(a) the fault of the persons affected or members of their party or

(b) the fault of a third party, which could not reasonably be predicted or avoided or

(c) an event which could not have been avoided or predicted using all reasonable care or

(d) the fault of anyone not working for Bespoke or

(e) any activity not forming part of the Bespoke contract with you.

Claims will be based upon services and facilities contracted to you by Bespoke which are carried out under the laws and regulations of the country in which your claim or complaint occurred even if these laws and regulations differ from those in the UK.
Travel on Bespoke's vehicles and boats is covered by Bespoke's third party and vehicle insurance.

11. Your Responsibility: Everyone on a Bespoke holiday deserves an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. We may end your holiday if a senior member of our resort staff believes that your actions could be unsafe or dangerous, or upset other guests, our suppliers or our own staff. This means that you could be prevented from using your accommodation or Bespoke transport. If this occurs Bespoke will not pay you any refund or compensation and will not refund any expenses you incur as a result.

12. If you are not satisfied with your holiday you must inform the resort management immediately so that we can do everything possible to rectify the problem. If you are still not satisfied you must send your complaint in writing to Bespoke within 14 days from your agreed return date home.

13. Your contract with Bespoke is governed by English law. Any dispute will be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales or by the courts of Northern Ireland or Scotland if you live in those countries.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Full payment is required 60 days prior to arrival

25% cancellation charge if cancelled more than 60 days before arrival

50% cancellation charge if cancelled 60 days or less before arrival

100% cancellation charge if cancelled 30 days or less before arrival

No refund will be given to guests for late arrivals or leaving prior to booked departure date

3.5% commission applicable to all payments made by credit card