Travel Information



Whatever time of the year you have chosen to visit Guludo, you will be happy to know that Guludo is in the tropics with sunny days and fresher evenings all year round.

 Guludo is in northern Mozambique where the climate is tropical with two seasons: the “dry season” from April to late December and the “green season” from late December to March. 

The dry season is very pleasant. It is hot to very hot in the day with pleasant warm yet fresh evenings. In the month of July and August some people wear a light jumper in the evenings.

Daytime temperatures vary from 22-32C and seawater 25-30C.

The green season is hotter with a higher humidity, however every day is sunny. It does not rain every day as the name of the season may suggest, and sometimes a week or so can pass without any rain at all. The rains do not last for long, with rainy episodes in the form of intense but brief showers, usually occurring at night. Diving is excellent at this time of year with warm, calm waters and excellent visibility.

What to Pack

Pack for a tropical beach holiday... sun cream, sunglasses, a hat, mosquito repellent, long trousers for the evenings, camera and swim gear. We provide towels and a complimentary laundry service.

WHAT NOT TO PACK: We would be very grateful if you could leave any waste packaging at home to keep our waste to a minimum.

SNORKELLING AND DIVING: Our PADI dive centre is fully equipped with any equipment needed for snorkelling and diving. If you have your own, you are welcome to bring these along but it isn't necessary.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Remember to organise your travel insurance before leaving.


Travel Money

Mozambique’s currency is meticais (MTn). The currency exchange rates are generally:

$1 USD = 69 MTn
£1 Sterling = 90 MTn

We generally advise guests to carry USD of varying denominations, however, please take note that only USD notes from 2006 onwards are accepted in Mozambique and in many other African countries due to the release of fraudulent notes in the region a few years ago. 

Obtaining meticais outside Mozambique can be challenging and is not essential. However, if you do want some meticais then there is a cash machine at the airport.

Activities, drinks, and any local crafts can all be paid for in the lodge at the end of your stay in USD or credit card (excluding AmEx and Diners Club) with a 3.5% surcharge.


Airport Transfers

The road takes you through the stunning Quirimbas National Park and gives you a great glimpse of life Northern Mozambique. The journey takes approximately four hours and is 250km long; 200km on an excellent tar road and 50km is on a reasonable dirt road. See the RATES page for prices.


Something for the community?

We support many community projects through our charity, here are some ideas  for things you can bring to help.

ORPHANED & VULNERABLE CHILDREN: This project supports 102 children with an emphasis on education, health, financial security, nutrition, psychosocial support and legal status. For this project, please bring:school bags, spare clothes you may have for children 1-18 years and school equipment*.

SCHOLARSHIPS: We have managed to give scholarships to 127 children this year. Portuguese/English dictionaries and calculators would help a great deal.

PRIMARY SCHOOLS: We have been busy building primary schools for a while now, but whether it's a new school or made from mud, nothing is more valued than teaching aids and books (either Portuguese or English). 

YOUTH HIV/AIDS FOOTBALL: This project uses football to educate 10 to 18 year olds about HIV/AIDS. We now have enough football kits but footballs andpumps are absolute gold dust! In addition, if you have access to any condoms, please do bring them out so we can distribute them at HIV workshops.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are thinking of going out to buy items like basic pens, pencils, notepads and clothes we would recommend you wait and buy them from one of the local villages, to support a local budding entrepreneur, rather than a faceless supermarket. If you have any of these items hanging around at home then please do bring them and we will find VERY worthy homes for them. Thank you so much.