Guludo Village

Meet our Neighbours and get a genuine glimpse into
local culture and life in Mozambqiue

This is by no means a normal village tour; you won't find anyone or anything staged or sanitised, just village life as it is.

First stop on the tour is normally to one of the small shops or "barracas", Idrisse or Amicee will then proudly show you their houses and if you get lucky you will get introduced to Amicee’s grandmother. Children will follow you all around the village asking to have their photos taken. Don’t forget to take your camera and share the pictures with them! You will also have the chance to buy skilfully made crafts made locally; the perfect gift for friends and family back home.

You'll also past the school, the chief's house, the mosque and visit a typical home. However, we can guarantee, your lasting memories will be of welcoming smiles and the laughter of the children!